Poems and Fiction Stories about Consett

The following sub pages of this section are works of fiction, poems and other literary works created by the people who run the HCSW group and it’s members.

All work presented here is done so by it’s originator, and it is that person who holds and maintains the copyrights to said work, so please if you wish to use any of what you read here, please seek appropriate permission first, and if you cannot get permission please at the very least cite the name and place of the original source.

Anyone can submit a piece to this section of the site, in order to do so please contact us at the main email address for the team : historyofconsettsteelworks@gmail.com

Please include your contact name and a valid email address we can reach you on should we need to do so, if your work includes any excerpts from other literary works then please ensure you have the rights to reproduce them before sending them to us.

A Consett Monster Story – P.J.Shaw

Consett Rocks – R.Judd

Stop and Listen – R.Moran

Tommy’s Tiddler – P.Hunter

Shona Polony – P.Hunter

Blackhill 1960’s – P.Hunter

Made of Steel – Jim Anderson, Consett Poet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRtTczKdEp8&t=49s