Forged over 140 Years: recordings

Day 1: Women of the Works: the story of the women of steel

Join History of Consett Steelworks Group admin Victoria Stevens to learn more about the role women workers played in forging the success of Consett Iron Company throughout its long history.

This talk is being re-recorded and will be posted in due coursewatch this space!

Day 2: The Stanhope & Tyne Rail-Road with Rob Langham

When it opened in 1834, the Stanhope & Tyne Rail-Road which ran from the limestone quarry at Crawleyside via the south of Consett to South Shields, there was no trace of what would become the huge iron and later steel works at Consett.

The railway went bankrupt in 1841, a year after the iron works at Consett started. Fortunately the line – which split into two halves – was taken over by different companies and became vital in supplying Consett with limestone, iron ore and other materials necessary for the works, as well as being the means for delivering the products of it.

This talk covers the history of the railways which supplied Consett, based on the book on the Stanhope & Tyne due out later this year from Amberley Books

This talk is being re-recorded and will be posted in due coursewatch this space!

Day 3: Consett Then and Now: around the site of the Works with Alfred’s Guide to the North East of England’s Landmarks and Curiosity

Join Alfred for a virtual tour of the Consett, showing the material and historical evidence for the production of steel and the community it built over 140 years between 1840 – 1980.

The tour has been created by Alfred and his wing-man Rob Moran, one of the History of Consett Steelworks Group admins, and will be narrated by our own Chair, Richard Judd.

So get your virtual walking boots on and join Alfred for a tour of your heritage.