Consett’s Christmas Countdown Day 7

Love it or hate it, there is no escaping the shops at Christmas, whether it is for presents or Christmas treats.

Christmas shopping in Consett was always a massive event when I was a child, with Doggart’s, Collinson’s and Woolies for presents as well as Lipton’s for food – all these stores seemed huge back then! My Grandma worked part time in Pramfare, a toyshop on Medomsley Road, and going there was always a big highlight of the run up to Christmas.

One of the biggest treats, however, was to go to Newcastle to see Fenwick’s Christmas window, an annual tradition that has been happening since 1971. Here is the store front – little changed – in 1960, and the link below shows the big reveal in 2020, a bit of much needed colour and cheer this year.

If you are going shopping please consider giving a donation, no matter how small, to one of the charities who are collecting for people who are going through tough times in Consett. You can give to:

Glenroyd House, who are collecting food and new toys for distribution at Christmas

The Salvation Army Toy Appeal, who are collecting gifts for children aged up to 16

Morrison’s Consett Community, who are collecting food items in store

With thanks to Beamish People’s Collection , Stephen Bridgewater on Instagram @stephenbridgewa and for the images.

What are your memories of shops at XMAS?

Are you seasonal Fenwick’s Window viewer?