Consett’s Christmas Countdown Day 16

Pubs and social clubs have always been community hubs in Consett, with many people sharing memories to this group based on getting together to enjoy a drink. Many people would end their working day with a pint or two at a local hostelry, of which there were a good selection to choose from.

Christmas parties were frequently held at the Freemason’s Arms in Front Street – here is the Coke and Iron Works Staff Committee party going with a swing.

Pubs were also the centre of the leek, darts, draughts and dominoes tournaments that may workers and Works departments entered. The competition was fierce, with some serious silverware and glory to be won. Here are two teams from the Rose and Crown, with the ladies in particular showing a splendid array of trophies.

One pub is of especial note for me personally: The Miners Arms at Highgate was owned by the Gailes family for many years. My Grandma, Maude Dunn, who lived next door, called it Gailes’s all her life, long after it had changed ownership. Here is the pub decked out in celebration of George V’s coronation in 1910.

The Miners Arms also used the area behind the bar to display small exhibitions. The last two images are of patrons interacting with the exhibits, including a rather large sword. It would be great if these exhibitions could be revived in the future – possibly excluding weapons as part of the display!

Do you have any memories/pictures of local pubs, Steelworks pub events or did you play darts, domino’s for the Steelworks or one of the local pubs? if so please do get in touch or comment

Did the Steelworks sponser any dances or local sporting events?