Consett’s Christmas Countdown Day 15

In the Christmas story, the stable at Bethlehem has its fair share of animals, and so did the Christmas editions of the Consett Iron Company Magazines. As well as the inevitable turkey picture – from a local farm in Knitsley – there are tales of race horses and escaped wolves to name but a few.

The most charming story is that of Geordie Dodds in the December 1958 magazine. Geordie was a rigger at Templetown Brickworks and the resident cat at the brickworks had selected him as a particular favourite. Every morning the cat would run specifically to Geordie, jumping onto his shoulders and snuggling in. Geordie was equally soft, visiting the cat even when on leave from work. As the magazine notes, this is indeed friendship.

Any Steelwork family pictures of animals and pets for example Pigeon keeping and racing was a common past time away from the “Works”.

Any whippet racing memories?

Any work outings to the races or greyhound racing?

Elaine Robertson a local artist and creative is also asking for “animal” related images for a current project- please do get in touch if you have images you would be happy to share with her