Kenneth Davison

Kay Anderson writes

My Dad Kenneth Davison was an electrician in the Electric Shop from 1948 to 1962 except for National service in REME 53-55, now living with me in Pembrokeshire at 90 years old.

Did you work with Kenneth?

More “workers” pictures and stories to add to our “Workers Album” would be most welcome

One thought on “Kenneth Davison”

  1. Good Morning Kay,

    Very interesting and your father is my dear cousin who was always kind to me and we have aways had a good relationship. During his national service he was in Korea and, when that war had finished, on his way home the problems with Archbishop Makarios blew up in Cyprus so his regiment was diverted there for a time. When he returned his parents had moved to Meadowfield, near Durham City, where they had bought a business, so he had to lodge with our paternal grandparents Ralph and Annie. I spent some time with Ken while I was an apprentice when he was at the blast furnaces and the melting shop; I’m sure he did some time in the other parts of Consett Iron Company. He liked his big cars and I was impressed when he bought an Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire but there were others including Mercedes and Audis. Names which I would associate with your dad would be Eric Wilson, Maurice Hepworth, …..Westhorp, Vince Leadbitter, Norman Robinson, Ray (Fishy) Thompson (recently deceased and a great friend and a man of very high principles) , Cecil Tucker, Clive Chamberlain who drove his Jaguar onto the floral clock, in Sherburne Park, one new year’s eve, Donald Coutts, Alan Mavin, ………..Habgood, Hector Millions and a lot more. He/you may be interested too in the picture, attached, with electrician apprentices with Bob Stewart (top right), who was in charge of electrical apprentices and the man, who’s name I forget (ex pattern-maker) with overall responsibility for all company apprentices. I am third from left at the front with Stevie Gailes on my left and was a great friend and viewed himself as my “minder” and we often went hitch hiking together; John Watson extreme bottom right with Terry McCabe, Derek MacVickers, Malcolm Telfer, Donald Swinburne and other whose names escape me. Hope this is of interest. Best wishes, Melvyn Davison



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