Phileas Fogg (Life after the closure of the Steelworks)

A contributor via has been in touch with a memory and some pictures of Pjileas Fogg where they worked

The person writes

Situated on No1 ind Est between Consett and Leadgate a company that was years ahead of its self and a world leader in the innovation of snacks.

The TV ads were legendary. “Consett Airport”

Over the years it employed many people from the local community and covered a number of units on the estate, north plant, West plant(bakery) central warehouse and the newest of them,south plant,as well as a warehouse at Elddis Transport.

I’ve added a few photos, to those on the photo I hope you don’t mind

that’s Eddie Wilson, Paul Bell, Helen Clarke, Clive Chatton, Henry Stewart and Tony Wilson writes Iain Fulton on memories of leadgate Facebook group

Sign outside the factory

Did you work at the Factory?

Link to Wikipedia entry

An example of one of the adverts

One thought on “Phileas Fogg (Life after the closure of the Steelworks)”

  1. Yes I worked at Phileas for nearly 25 years….
    Throughly enjoyed my time there and was very sad when it closed (1990 – 2015)


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