Picture Shared

HCSW project team were delighted to see this posted on our Facebook page by Lynn Breen

My sister Sandra Hunter posted this photograph on another page, and I thought this group may be interested. My brother-in-law was Eddie Hunter.

“Photo of Douglas Vernon (centre front) and I think his management team of Consett Iron company. Date approximately 1967/8. My husband was one of the first group of personel to form the Work Study Dept in Consett Iron Company. He’s not on this photo but for some reason I have this photo. My husband really idolized Mr Veron, as he was a great boss. I can’t ask my husband about this as he passed away 3 years ago, but knew he so respected this opportunity and start in management”

posted by Lynn Breen on https://www.facebook.com/History-of-Consett-Steelworks-100863484611153

Can you add any names or have any memories of working with or for Douglas Vernon

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