Local History Month 2022- The Value of being custodians

The History of Consett Steelworks (HCSW) project team are honoured and proud to be the Custodians for recording and cherishing the industrial heritage which was the life and times of the Steelworks at Consett

Plans are being made to attend events and share some of the wonderful items that the community have kindly donated to the project so that as many people as possible can “enjoy” them

We also hope that in due course there could be Derwentside/Consett Museum for permanent display and from which guided tours like in Durham for example could go from

Being Custodians is about allowing us to enjoy the heritage now but also to make sure future generations can too

If you or family have possible items to discuss donating we would be delighted to hear from you

Please comment or send the HCSW project team an email historyofconsettsteelworks@gmail.com




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