Local History Month May 2022- A Night out in Consett- a memory shared

Nights Out In Consett

A Memory of Consett.

I have some wonderful memories of nights out in Consett in the sixties.

There was a pub called the Masons Arms run by Kevin and Ina Kearney and the barmaid Jenny, I think. It served the most beautiful beer in the world or so we thought, Tuckers ales.

On a weekend it would be filled with all sorts of characters, Army Sam, Wilf Patta, Vince Blacky, Willy Dicken, Phil Terry, all supping those big creamy pints, and the girls would join us as well – Julia, Celia, Fred, Cath, Angela – I could go on but they were special.

The juke box would be blasting out Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Animals and a few Irish rebel songs Kevin had secreted in the juke box under different names.

Such happy times. From there to the Brit , same thing only the beer was Vaux {yuk]. A few in there and then on to the Mount Pleasant as long as Jenny let you in.

The occasional band would be playing, mostly rubbish but you did get the odd one that was good but by that time of night who cared.

The final port of call was that trendy night club opposite the Freemasons, Bottos. There were always fights on in there but that was part of life in Consett and woe betide anyone from Stanley. A taxi home and do it all again the next day. Happy memories God bless, Sam

Source a memory added to Francis Frith website – see link


Picture by Red Dust aka Phil Bartle – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063136934895

What are your memories of nights out in Consett? please comment or get in touch to share

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