A picture paints a 1,000 words they say

Peter Brabham shared on Flickr this great image with notes below

Unknown 9F on Consett Iron Ore train near Beamish in March 1966 by John Wiltshire

A gem of a shot scanned off a 35mm Kodachrome slide in the John Wiltshire collection. I worked about a mile away from this spot in 1984 and saw the odd class 37 going up to Consett which had just closed at that time.

18 years earlier it was one of the greatest spots in the Uk to watch the heavy Iron Ore trains working up gradient to Consett Steel works high up on the Moors pulled by the 9F heavy freight locos and often banked at the rear by another loco.

Picture from the John Wilshire Collection shared by Peter Brabham on Flickr ( if sharing seperatly please credit both sources)

So what images do you have hidden away in albums or drawers?

The HCSW project would be delighted to see and share them both on the website and our social media groups. We will also share with other local Heritage group

These types of images are social and industrial history, we are only the custodians we need to share them for us all now but also for future generations to come

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