Local History Month May 2022- Steelworks Mapping Project

Peter Jack Shaw heads up the Community Mapping project to read all about it click on the above link

If this of interest then please get in contact as this is Facebook group and there will be some up coming activities to get involved in

Also look out for a chance to see some the outputs of the groups at events and talks

Alan Godfrey Map of Consett 1896 – one of a series of 3 maps

https://alangodfreymaps.co.uk/consett.htm is link to the 3 maps from Alan Godfrey who are based in Leadgate

HCSW project team are delighted to be able thanks to Alan Godfrey Maps to offer a small discount on maps from them so if you would like a Consett or other maps do get in touch

Research – Peter and team would also be delighted to see and scan any building drawings and also if anyone has any pictures of the inside of the General Offices that would be also welcome to see

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