Accidents at Consett Steelworks- Research Call Out

The History of Consett Steelworks (HCSW) project team have a wish to work with all to “record” details of all the accidents at Steelworks during its “working life”

The conditions of course did lead to accidents which resulted in injuries and deaths

If you would consider being part of the “working party” to begin to build an interactive resource/database that all can see now but also for future generations too

This will build on work like the following book

Consett Iron Works: Deaths and Injuries 1850-1900

There is a great book by local author Craig Suddick

Caught between the constant changes in company structure, strikes and the regular opening and closing of parts of the Consett Iron Works, life in and around Consett was hard and it should surprise no-one that it was a dangerous and often deadly place to work.

Although the 20 miles of railway tracks, 64 boilers and more than 80 furnaces that existed in 1860 (and which increased in number as time went on) were the three main contributors of death and injury, the whole of the iron making process, from start to finish, was a dangerous and often deadly undertaking.

Between 1850 and 1900, with the use of contemporary newspaper reports, the author has identified more than 50 fatal events and many injuries which occurred at the Consett Iron Works and its associated works.

This book looks at each of these deaths and injuries to give a flavour of what life was like at one of the biggest iron works of its time.

If you would like to help please comment or send the HCSW project team an email

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