Gas Pipeline from Derwenthaugh Coke Works to Consett Steelworks

An interesting comment and follow up on the HCSW Facebook group

Charlie Smith wrote

There was a gas line from s to Templeton brick flats

Robert Gowland wrote

It was completed when George Lonie was Fuel Engineer.

The line was Derwenthaugh up to road near Whickham Golf Course along to Pickering Nook following old railtrack up to Delves all underground.

It was then on Concrete Supports Hownsgill Plate mill to Fell Coke Works.

The N.C.B. negotiated the Wayleaves to the Works from Team Valley Coal House Headquarters and the line installation including the Gas Booster Station at Derwenthaugh.

Consett Works Engineering were responsible work on its own land.

Ted Jeffries (a Leadgate Lad) was the Section Leader supervising the line design – expansion joints, supports etc., It saved Gas being wasted by being flared at DH.

Another First for Consett Works.

Land of Oak and Iron link re the Derwenthaugh Coke Works- they do some guided walks on occasion

Crowley Ironworks & Derwenthaugh Coke Works

Article about the re-use of old Coke Works land

Also a short video by Land of Oak and Iron

HCSW Blog post

Also see a lovely post from Alfred the Dog and Rob Moran

Source and thanks to Winlaton and District Local History Society

Source and thanks to Land of Oak and Iron from a video by them –

Did you work at the Coke Works?

Did you help with the install or maintenance of the pipeline?

One thought on “Gas Pipeline from Derwenthaugh Coke Works to Consett Steelworks”

  1. I worked in the Fuel Dept from 1963/1969 when George Lonie was fuel engineer. I remember when mixed gas was introduced to Hownsgill for the reheating furnaces. There was a mixing stn. near Fell coke works which I recall was problematic in the early days. It’s function was to mix coke oven and blast furnace gas.


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