A Memory of the Aerial Ropeway by Dave Wallace

After a post on the HCSW project Facebook group of a video of a Aerial Ropeway similar to the one that was operated to support the Consett Steelworks Dave Wallace has kindly got in touch with his own memory of the Ropeway

Richard, as a small child I was pushed in a pushchair down to Hardy’s Farm then along the Lydgetts.

On those Sunday walks I loved to watch the aerial ropeway and it’s tubs travelling high above my head then tipping their contents high up on a giant spoil heap. I then watched as the empty tub returned to the bottom possibly to the Brick Flats to my left.

I am unsure as to whether these tubs were in some way connected. In other words as one tub came down another went up, rather like telegraphiques (cable cars) in the mountainous regions of France.

This was around 1952.

This spoil heap was removed to allow the development of the Hownsgill Plate Mill.

This is my personal recollection… Dave Wallace

What are your memories of the Ropeway?

Any pictures or tech drawings of the Ropeway?

please comment or make contact with the HCSW project team we would be delighted to hear from you

This a link to video mentioned

Consett Fawcett Park development at Berry Edge from Project Genesis website

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