Working with Billy Ellwood

The History of Consett Steelworks (HCSW) project are delighted to announce we will be working Billy Ellwood who has some wonderful negatives from the late Tommy Moore to arrange to support scanning and sharing the images

Biily is also “film maker” and made this video “Out of the Wreckage” which recently some “stills” have been shared on the Facebook group recently

The HCSW project team are delighted that Billy has approached us and shares our wish to share these memories not only for us to enjoy now but also for the future generations to come

The project team would also like to ask that when sharing images that you try and credit the original photographer where possible. We also may ask you to add credit once confirmed

If you have any pictures or documents you would be happy to share or need help to scan to share please either comment or email historyofconsettsteelworks@victoriastevensconservation

Link for the HCSW Facebook group

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