CDHI Display at Lodge, Blackhill Park Sept 2021

The History of Consett Steelworks project team are delighted to share and encourage all to visit this display by our heritage partners CDHI

Brian Harrison from CDHI writes

The CDHI have put up a display commemorating the closure of Consett Steel, 41 years this month.

The display can be seen at the front of the Lodge in Blackhill & Consett Park, when the building is open, for the next few weeks.

We plan on doing rolling displays at least once a month from now. If you get a chance to have a pop in we hope you enjoy

More about CDHI

Consett & District Heritage Initiative are a voluntary organisation.

The group was founded in May 2010 with the goal to make the history of our area accessible to all.

We believe in education and have already given numerous school display’s and talks.

In the past 10 years we have also had numerous open days and seen 1000’s people through our doors.

Our Archives are growing at a steady rate with donation’s of photo’s, postcards, books and artefacts and we hope this continues.

Through archiving and sharing of information we hope to save our history for the future generations.

We are based in The Lodge, Blackhill & Consett Park where we have our office on the second floor.

The Lodge is located just up from the bottom gates on the left. Our office is open every Wednesday from 10am -4pm for anyone interested in finding out more about our local history or to give help with your family history (Tuesday 10-12.30).

Link to CDHI Facebook group

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