A Chair from the Company Offices

Serene McGeoghegan wrote on a post on the Consett in Old Photos Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1472194386383321 which is admined by Stephen Bridgewater (worth a look through)

I have in my possession a chair from the British Steel boadroom.

Its a beautiful mahagony or rose wood. It has a bowed back and is chunky in looks I think its called a wrap round back.

I remember my mam polished it. Everything seemed to be polished in those days.

Allways remember the smell though of the steelworks on my dads work clothes and his workboots were red.

Hair slicked back with old spice and good suit and shiny shoes to the Demi and Blackhill Church.

Oh! Shiney shoes and brass was always popluar and brasso sales must have scored high.

It looked such an elagant building and Iv’e heard the interior was magnificent as is my boardroom perhaps its a captians chair.

picture by Serene McGeoghegan
picture posted by Stephen Bridgewater on Facebook group Consett in Old Photos

Do you or family have any other items from the “Company Offices” or pictures of the Boardroom or other rooms in the wonderful building?

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