Railway Accident at Steelworks

Thanks to David Trout for agreeing for this to be shared

Train crash at Consett.In the winter of ( I think) 1959/1960 I photographed this scene of a train wreck at Consett’s Low yard where the interchange sidings between British Rail and Consett Iron Company were situated.

A load of coal trucks hauled by a Class Q6 freight loco lost breaking control on the incline between the site of the town’s former passenger station and the Low Yard and ran off the tracks on a curved embankment adjacent to the town’s engine sheds.

I can’t recall if there were any casualties. The locomotive, No. 63372 became the first of the 120 strong Q6 class to be scrapped.

picture taken by David Trout

picture taken by David Trout
picture by David Trout

If you can add any more details or have other pictures of this incident please comment or get in touch with the HCSW project team

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