Pictures for Update to Website-Can You help?

The HCSW project team are going to be updating our website over the coming months

We would like to ask for your help to add to the Gallery section of the site with any pictures you might have

We would of course credit you and the original photographer if known and if you can provide a little background like approx year taken, location and any memories about the scene/s that would be most welcome

Scanning of pictures can be arranged

Please comment or get in touch if you can help with pictures for the website

Thank you

Richard Judd

Chair of the HCSW project

2 thoughts on “Pictures for Update to Website-Can You help?”

  1. Dear Richard,

    happy to donate the attached if you haven’t already got it – a definitive technical guide to the Works from 1954.


    Dr Jonathan Aylen

    Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research,

    Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

    Recent publications:

    Jonathan Aylen (2019) “Stalinism, autarchy, espionage and Marshall Aid: How

    US strip mill technology came to Europe”, The International Journal for the History of Engineering &

    Technology, vol.89, nos. 1-2, pp.92-121, DOI: 10.1080/17581206.2020.1782618

    Jonathan Aylen and Bob Gwynne (2019) “Command and Control: the Cold War Origins of TOPS, British Railways First Computer Based Train Operating System”, Transmission Lines: the Journal of the Defence Electronics History Society, vol.24, no.2, June, pp.1-20, (the Burns Lecture, 2019)



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