Burial riddle Matthew Lister Spence

The HCSW project team have been contacted as below and would ask for help to provide any information of further background


I was wondering if a relative of mine was involved in the Consett
Steelworks accident in 1950, and wondered if you had any further

Have attached a picture of his grave, the memorial inscription reads:

Treasured memory of Matthew Lister Spence, dearly loved Husband of
Lily Spence, died Dec 11th 1952 from injuries received at the GLC
works, aged 56 years. Where memories are faithful, no distance can

He died at Shotley Bridge Hospital, and is buried in Blackhill Bemetery.

Any information would be very helpful.


Nigel Temple


One thought on “Burial riddle Matthew Lister Spence”

  1. Matty as he was known would have been my Grandfather
    As stated he was married to Lily and had two sons Roy who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident and Bryan my father


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