Health and Safety Committee a memory by John Emmerson

The HCSW project team would like to thank John for making contact and sharing this memory which is great timing with the June 2021 Focus on Health and Safety

After the 1974 health and safety act came in to force and I had seen and heard about various accidents over the years through out the Consett Iron Company,I decided in 1976 to become Health and Safety rep.

This was for the machine Driver’s which was part of the Traffic department, I was based in the steel plant at the time.

RThis consisted of a 2 week Safety course at the Park hotel in Blackhill and then later a 1 day release course every week for about 3 months, again at the Park hotel for further training.

We then set up a health and safety committee in the Steel plant and would meet in the offices once every month and talk about various hazards and problems in and around the Steel plant and this continued until the works closure in 1980.

Picture of John Emmerson on forklift taken by the late Tommy Moore

If you were also on the Health and Safety committee or have memories of training courses at the Park Hotel please do get in touch

2 thoughts on “Health and Safety Committee a memory by John Emmerson”

  1. I was health and safety in the power station on the maintenance side and never did a training course anywhere


    1. Thanks Ian for commenting and be great if you would consider doing a guest blog about your experiences and share any pictures you might have.


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