Consett Heart – an Introduction and request for donations

The HCSW project team are delighted to promote and will be looking to work with/partner with the Trustees – we would also to acknowledge and thank Project Genesis for supporting them to make sure this community asset will be saved and re-opened for the community

From the Facebook page for the group

We are a dedicated group of volunteers who have taken a long term lease on the Old Ambulance Hall, John Street, Consett with the intent of converting it into a Heritage and Arts Centre for the area.

Our goal is to create a centre of excellence that will show off both the creativity and the heritage of our area in equal measure.

The centre will have the potential to inspire creatives, give performances, teach, house micro museums, promote our heritage and so much more. We hope that it will be a place for the whole area to be proud of

Donations Welcome

Consett & District Heritage and Arts are looking for donations to help smarten up the Consett Heart – Heritage and Arts Centre, ready for openning.

Some of the things we are looking for:

1, Paint (All types), brushes, paint pads…..

2, Upgrade to Toilets and vanity sinks, etc.. (fitted would be even better

3, Door locks for internal doors

4, Tradespeople willing to donate time, goods or services

5, Lastly any donation’s of cash are always gratefully accepted.

In short if you think you can help us get the building up and running please get in touch.

Thanks all in advance

Consett Heart

Facebook page


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