Lanchester EP Steelworks Walk led by Rob Moran

Lanchester EP are doing a project on Consett Iron Company and on Thursday I took them on a tour of the site.

We visited the memorial of the brave men who lost their lives in 1950 and spoke of the story of that terrible night.

We had a map of where the building of the steelworks were with pictures of the cooling towers and the power station.

We looked at the slag ladles and went to the park where I told them of the Battle of the Blue Heaps.

We ended up at the steel circle where they found out that Consett steel made the Blackpool Tower, the first UK nuclear submarine HMS Resolution, Sydney Harbour Bridge and a few more.

The children were a credit to the school, they asked lots of questions and enjoyed themselves.

This is the first time History of Consett Steelworks group have done this.

Hopefully it’s the first of many visits in keeping our local history alive.

Rob Moran part of the HCSW Project team

May 2021

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