John Pears by his son Neil Pears

From the CIC Magazine

The picture of John Pears getting his pre wedding present got us thinking to see if we could find out more about him and even get some pictures of the wedding

Well after posting on Leadgate Old and New Photographs his son Neil commented and has provided some pictures and background

John Pears was born in Leadgate on 31st July 1943

He worked at the Steelworks Steel works 1959-75

So here are 3 photographs of the wedding of John and Valerie supplied by Neil .

The Wedding was on 3rd of October 1964 at Leadgate Methodist Church. Best man was Eric Macdonald

He was married to Mam for 32 years writes Neil

3 kids Alison 56 Me 55 & our Mark 46

Supplied by Neil – His best man was Eric Macdonald writes Neil
on the steps of Leeadgate Methodist Church-picture thanks to Neil Pears
Another picture John and Valerie with the Boys Brigade 1966 thanks to Neil Pears- do comment with names

Neil also enjoyed some active times with his dad too = he writes My dad & I, walking up Skiddaw August 1977

John went on to be a local councilor between 1979 and 1991

Member of the Leadgate Gleeman Choir

Also active with Derwentside singers and Consett theatre workshop

Loved to play golf 3 times a week and loved following Newcastle United

Was part of the Boys Brigade from 1955, captain 1970-79

Also involved in the local Methodist Church Council

John died 8th October 2011

One thought on “John Pears by his son Neil Pears”

  1. I worked with John in 1964 when I was serving my 9 months stint as an apprentice electrician at the Engine sheds.. John was just out of his time as an auto electrician and He was apprentice to Tommy Donnison. At that same time, working in the same workshop cabin, I was apprentice to Jackie Hocking the Electrician and the other member of our little workshop grouping was the electricians mate , the legendary Louis Mellon… I remember it like yesterday.. John and I were always good friends…J.D.


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