Request for Information/Reunion by Daphne Butler

The HCSW project have been contacted by Daphne with the following request for information and wish to for reunion if at all possible

I believe that a very good friend of mine Alice Macnaughton- Jay(maiden name) father was a manager(?) in the steelworks.

I met her in Cobham in 1967 She was a very good friend to me and I would dearly like to meet up with her It’s a long shot but thought that I would give this site a chance?

Thank you


If anyone knows of Alice or family please do comment or get in touch with the HCSW project team

We will also do some exploring regarding the Manager link

RFI Request For Information, acronym business concept
Commander Jay Alice’s dad is pictured here he is man in the middle

One thought on “Request for Information/Reunion by Daphne Butler”

  1. Sorry to disagree but as far as I remember Commander Jay is not the gentleman in the middle but the gentleman with spectacles making the hospital presentation. He also lived in a large detached house owned by the steelworks in Parliament Street, Consett opposite the Police Station. David…


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