Tweeting all over the world

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    Well-known Consett resident Theresa Roberts protesting in London at the prospect of the closure of Consett where her husband and two sons worked, 1979

    We have been really fortunate to have not one but two papers accepted for the Shaped by Steel conference organised by Swansea University and via the project Twitter feed @SteelWorlds

    For anyone new to Twitter conferencing, it is a great way to share and discuss a specific topic over a series of tweets – in this case 15. Anyone can respond to the tweets, and they are permanently on the Social Worlds of Steel twitter feed for anyone to engage with and learn by. It’s a great way to get the stories you want to tell known and included in the discussion.

    Our two papers, both presented on Wednesday 1st July, are:

    9.40 – 10.00am: Forging Links in the Landscape: how Consett used its integrated transport system to connect with the world and overcome its locational challenges

    4.00 – 4.20pm: Tapping the Memories: a selection of illustrative stories of the people who made Consett steel and how their contribution shaped an industry and a community

    We’ve had some fantastic conversations and insights from people who worked for CIC and have had access to some fascinating and privileged information on how people worked, lived and enjoyed living in Consett. Community was key, and the links are still strong, even 40 years after closure. We are really grateful to everyone who has shared their stories, memories and images with us.

    Please do join us live on Twitter at @SteelWorlds or using the hashtag #SWOS20, but if not take a look at any time, and feel free to add your thoughts in the comments to the tweets.

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    2 thoughts on “Tweeting all over the world”

    1. As an ex steel worker at Consett I would be very interested in receiving any posts relating to the steel industry.


      1. Hi Thomas, and many thanks for your comment. Have you signed up to follow the blog? If so you’ll get the updates automatically. We will try to cross-post the content onto Facebook and Twitter too, to cover all angles and people so one way or another you’re sure to see the updates. I’d be really interested in hearing your story, where you worked, when you joined etc. If you drop me an email I can send you a few questions and we can start the ball rolling, if you would like to? The site is very much to record the memories and the stories behind Consett steel, and the more voices we hear the better! The email is Many thanks again, and all the best, Victoria


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